D. Simmons-Corbett

Author D. Simmons-Corbett was born and raised in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania. In such a small town and with little more than the excitement of Friday night high school football, she began writing as a form of entertainment. Even then she couldn’t keep her words to herself, sharing her thoughts by penning poems for and about her friends. Once word got out that there was power in her pen, she began receiving requests to write. While she was in high school, one of those requests included writing for the church she attended. Even though life stared happening, happened, and is happening now, writing has remained a passion of hers, so much so that she decided to go beyond friends and family, and share her gift of the written word with the entire world.

Tomorrow’s Another Day is D. Simmons-Corbett’s debut novel. If it had to be summed up in ten words or less, it would be “Sex and the city with a few shades of grey.”

It’s a known fact that authors write what they know first, research what they don’t know second, and then lastly, make up all the rest. With a failed marriage, being a single parent, to finally ending up with the love of her life, this author has plenty to write about. Not to mention a twenty year military career. She’s had interactions with different people from all over the map as well as adhering to many different cultures. With fact being stranger than fiction, her experience in the field of nursing could have been a book in itself, and now it is. Only this time it really is fiction, but with characters so colorful, scenarios so realistic, and scenes so vivid, one would never know.

Life’s experiences have created a burning story inside of D. Simmons-Corbett, as she sat back for so many years taking in life while living vicariously through those around her. It only made sense that she created characters that readers could live vicariously through as well.

D. Simmons-Corbett currently lives in a suburb of Ohio where she’s setting fires with her pen as it hits paper to form her next work of literary art.