Tomorrow might be just another day for the average Joe (or Joann), but Dr. Denise Simpson is anything but average. From being raised on the wrong side of the tracks to hurdling over them into a world of money that comes along with having the initials of MD behind her name, even though she can’t forget where she came from, she’d loved to. Denise makes every effort to live the life she might have been deprived of had she not made it out of her small hometown. Some would say she’s living life as if there is no tomorrow. Although that may make her happy today, at the swift and reckless rate Denise is going, tomorrow could be a precariously different story. Her childhood memories of living in poverty and without a father have gone unaddressed until she begins her professional career as an adult. Her past begins to mirror reflections of growing up as she becomes bitter and numb working in the very environment she was raised in and worked hard to escape. Despite her professional accomplishments, Denise continues to act out footloose and fancy free. Her wild and adventurous actions make her question if she truly knows who Dr. Denise Simpson really is.